This Is How Much Your Time Spent Online Is Really Worth

If you run a small business you will typically need to spend 50-100 hours online every single month. To create content, engage on social media, fix shit that happens, etc. Going with a decent $50/h of your time (I know, you are worth MUCH more, but for the sake of simplicity stick to this) that gives you $2,500 to $5,000 wasted every month.

Did I just say wasted? Oh, I did. You see, chances are you should be building your business. Work with prospects, complete sales, get out and do whatever your business is about. During those 50-100 hours you are not doing that.


The irony is that technology was supposed to be helping us in doing things faster and better. Just because you purchased a washing machine, you will now graduate in electrical engineering, right? Would be silly, Wouldn’t it. And yes just because online technology is here to help us and just because it promises to be free and friendly you should not have a PhD in IT. Doesn’t that make sense?

Now that we established the basic premise, let’s see what are your options? Hire. Someone who know all these things. But be warned, IT can be an elusive thing. Before you know it, your experts’s hours go over the roof and they won’t charge you $50/h typically. It’ll likely be a lot more.

Going online on your own is being between the rock and the hard place. 
Either way you pay much more than you should be.

The effort of going and being online is like the water. You can’t be without it, but jump in without learning to swim and you’re gone.

Maintaining your online presence isn’t just doing social media or managing your website. It is:

  • Finding the right hashtag. And they change quite fast
  • Following others.
  • Responding.
  • Finding content
  • Writing content
  • Filtering comments
  • Wouldn’t you want to automate your online marketing. Woah, that’s tons oh hours
  • Fixing stuff
  • Keeping it up to date

And these are only the basic challenges we all are facing. That PhD is not such a bad idea suddenly.

And yet most of us are not aware of all the time, money and effort we waste in this process. Because they creep in. Step by step. And before you know it, you are so deep that if you just slow down everything will crumble.

There’s got to be a better way. I believe there is. The subtle art of doing what has to be done and not a notch more. We as society overdo everything. Food, electronics, sports, internet. etc. But when you realize that being present online with your business is a necessity, you also need to realize that your job is to grow your business. Using your wit, skills, passion, knowledge. And your online presence? It has to be done, but perhaps not all of it by yourself .

What is your experience?

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